The Botrivier Education Foundation’s program is run by dedicated volunteers from the community. So every cent donated goes towards educating young minds from the community. Since 2005, 22 of our students have graduated from their respective tertiary education institutes. Another 47 are currently attending tertiary institutions and a further 55 are still in school.

Thank you to all the new donors and gratitude towards our existing sponsors. Without your help it would not be possible for us to run this organisation. It is due to your generosity that we are able to instill our motto, “You can” in the minds and hearts of our students. The results speak for itself and you play an essential role in it too.

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These are our individual sponsors:

Mr Lionel Adams
Mrs Una Swart
Mrs Anne Tinklepaugh
Mr MC Crouse
Mr Danvon Van Den Berg
Mr Robert Hendricks
Dr Danie Morkel
Mrs Alettee Kotze
Mrs Hanlie Van Tonder
Mr MG Lotter
Dr De La Harpe
Mr Gotlieb Arendse